The Ennoblement Imperative:
People Artistry at Work

by Peter W. Hart & David Zinger

People Artists:
Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work

by Peter W. Hart & David Zinger

People Artistry represents a unique and humanistic response to this question. Its message is to find your own way of meaningfully and authentically connecting and building relationships with your employees. The examples and stories this book contains offer ideas and suggestions about how to make those meaningful connections and bring out the best in your employees (and maybe yourself along the way). For managers looking to build and maintain authentic and sustainable relationships that bring out the best in others, this book offers pragmatic and inspirational ideas for becoming a People Artist.

” People Artists draw out the best in themselves and others to create a workplace canvas of excellence for the benefit of all “

People Artistry at Work:
The Ennoblement Imperative

by Peter W. Hart & David Zinger

We are not advocating for the nobility of entitlement or title but rather the nobility of people working together with a deepening of the authentic artistry that is possible in all work and relationships.

It is imperative that we ennoble others at work. Even with all the measurement and attention paid to recognition and engagement many people feel diminished and depleted at work. They are disconnected from those they work with, alienated from the organization, and detached from their tasks. Figures range from 30% of the entire workplace being completely disengaged to 70% of the workplace being at least somewhat disengaged. Whether it is 30% or 70% we will leave that to the statisticians because to a People Artist even 1% disengagement is too much.